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There are certain books I read just based on author only and Stacy Monson is one who has yet to disappoint. -Susan M.

A fantastic Christian romance. The author has a great style of writing. The characters are so true to life that I felt as if I knew them.  -JoAnn

This book was sweet and emotional, parts cut so deep I had to stop reading to collect myself. Stacy has written the emotion in this book so expertly that I think it would be difficult not to get drawn in.  -Kari

I was deeply moved by this story’s theme of: Finding my worth in God alone, despite whatever evidence is contrary to that. Stacy Monson weaves a touching, inspirational & page-turning journey to this discovery…  -EM

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Book #1: Shattered Image
Readers Favorite Award Winner


Dance of Grace-FRONT COVERBook #2: Dance of Grace    
The Golden Quill Award Winner
Bookstore without Borders Award Winner
eLit Book Awards Award Winner


Book #3: The Color of Truth




Book News!

My next book (tentatively titled Open Circle) is scheduled for a pre-Christmas release! I can’t wait for you to meet Minnie and Jackson.
Mindy Lee “Minnie” Carlson’s dream job is in her hands but she can’t help looking over her shoulder. She has just four months to turn the town’s only senior center around or the doors will close, leaving her beloved seniors stranded and eliminating the only job she’s ever wanted. Globe-trotting photographer Jackson Young had no idea his grandmother was still alive, living in the small town he had to leave behind as a child. A cryptic letter arrives from her lawyer, stirring up unanswered questions he’d buried along with his past.

On a tight schedule between crucial photo assignments, Jackson sweeps into town to save his Grandma Emily, a lifelong friend of Minnie’s family and the only family Minnie has. His impatient demands clash with Minnie’s focused determination, putting reputations on the line and threatening the future of the center. Unless they can put the seniors’ needs ahead of their own, the center will close, forcing Minnie and Jackson to leave behind the seniors who mean the world to them both, as well as the spark that connects their hearts.

Meet Jackson:
Jackson Young joined the crowd boarding the outbound train on Chicago’s L and dropped into the last available seat at the back of the car, savoring the relief that tingled in his aching feet. It had been a grueling day filled with bad lighting, inconvenient shadows, and elusive subjects. Odds were he hadn’t gotten one decent shot.

Forearms resting firmly across the camera case, he closed his eyes and breathed out to block the aroma of the disheveled businessman to his right. Tired as he was, one of the perks of living a nomad life was the freedom to go back another day to get the right shot. Searching the globe for that perfect photo that would tell a story far better than words ever could. A half-smile touched his mouth. He was living his dream, free to roam the world capturing humanity at its best and worst. The only thing he desperately needed right now was to get to Noah’s apartment for a shower and something to eat.

The train screeched to another stop and the open doors admitted a surge of warm May sunshine and a jumble of people. The car filled and the doors slid shut. Two teens stood before him with pants drooping, shoes untied. One wore a baseball cap sideways, busily chomping something as he hung onto the overhead strap. The other squinted at his phone, swaying with the train.
Just beyond them an elderly woman clutched a pole with gloved hands, a shiny black purse hanging from her arm. Celery, bananas, and a box of cheap cereal poked out of the reusable green bag at her feet. Below a mop of soft white curls, her wrinkled face was pale, spots of pink on her cheeks glowing in perfect circles.

Jackson stood and opened his mouth to invite the woman to sit but the chomping teen slid quickly into the seat. Jackson glared down at him. “Get up.”

Baseball Cap ignored him.

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