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The Color of Truth, Book 3 in the Chain of Lakes series, will be ready for pre-order on       June 1!


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The Chain of Lakes Series

ShatteredImage Cover for poster

Book #1: Shattered Image
2015 Readers Favorite Award Winner! 

Kiera has lived and left the celebrity life. Peter is determined to have his turn in the spotlight. In the glare of celebrity, can they hold on to each other and to the One who matters above all else? Or is the allure of wealth and fame too strong to resist?

What readers are saying about Shattered Image:
This book was sweet and emotional, parts cut so deep I had to stop reading to collect myself. Stacy has written the emotion in this book so expertly that I think it would be difficult not to get drawn in. Though we understand what the ending will be (because, this is, in fact, a romance) there is a point when you wonder if it is even possible for these two to repair the damage. -Kari

I quickly fell in love with the characters. -Joyful

This is inspirational romantic fiction; it’s “supposed to” have a happy ending, but I wondered right up to the end if it really could with two characters so hurt by the careers they had fought for.   -L Hardy


Dance of Grace-FRONT COVERBook #2: Dance of Grace
Inspirational Winner of: The Golden Quill, Bookstore without Borders, and eLit Book Awards

While building a ministry for street kids, Vanessa, a disillusioned former dancer and Kurt, a faith-filled ex-con, find their work, their love and their lives threatened by a man bent on revenge.

What readers are saying about Dance of Grace:
This is a great read. True-to-life characters, a compelling plot, fantastic setting, and wonderful theme of God’s redemption! -Karla

I won this book in a giveaway, so I wasn’t sure what to think when I first started reading it. But it immediately grabbed me and would not let me go. This is a beautifully written story about God’s grace and redemption. -Tonya

A fantastic Christian romance. The author has a great style of writing. The characters are so true to life that I felt as if I knew them.  -JoAnn


Book #3: The Color of Truth – Releases June 2017

Truth isn’t always black and white. Sometimes it takes the unexpected to reveal its true colors.
Marti has been on her own since she was 15. She’s determined to build a life for herself and her sister despite the threats of a man intent on keeping her from revealing his secret.
Sam Evans’ turbulent teen years prepared him for the perfect job—counseling troubled youth. Then his pregnant wife walked out on their marriage and his life imploded, leaving him without a family, a job, or his hard-earned reputation.  When Marti’s sister goes missing, their search forces them to face the secrets, lies, and half-truths they’ve kept hidden from each other, and from themselves. Unless they can grasp the brilliant colors of God’s truth, they may lose her forever.

What early readers are saying about The Color of Truth:
These books make me want to meet the characters in person!  They all are so engaging.  Again, another great read.   -Robin

I was deeply moved by this story’s theme of: Finding my worth in God alone, despite whatever evidence is contrary to that. Stacy Monson weaves a touching, inspirational & page-turning journey to this discovery…  -EM

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