The Color of Truth

Chain of Lakes Series, book 3

Marti has been on her own since she was 15, determined to build a life for herself and her sister despite the threats of a man intent on keeping her from revealing his secret.

Sam Evans’ turbulent teen years prepared him for the perfect job—counseling troubled youth. Then his pregnant wife walked out on their marriage and his life imploded, leaving him without a family, a job, or his hard-earned reputation.

With her sister in danger, they’re forced to divulge the secrets, lies, and half-truths they’ve kept hidden from each other, and from themselves. If they can’t face the brilliant colors of God’s truth, the consequences may be deadly.

Once again Stacy Monson has penned a novel that is so much more than romance! I was up until one in the morning reading because I couldn’t put it down! Stacy excels at writing stories that show people who could be your next-door neighbor—maybe relatives—maybe yourself!—dealing with real-life issues, and she always handles those issues with a generous amount of grace.

~ Picky Reader

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God says Sam is forgiven, strong, capable, and talented. Set free from his perceived responsibility of others’ behavior, Sam lives out his faith by creating beauty through woodworking.

God says Marti is amazing, gifted, loved, and cherished. Set free from the words of others, Marti decides for herself who she wants to be and what she wants to do.

WRITING AWARDS for The Color of Truth

Carolyn Readers Choice Awards Winner
National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Inspirational Winner
Cascade Award Finalist