Stacy Monson does not make life easy for her characters. She puts them through trial by fire, and she does it with grace, finesse, and tremendous talent. Very highly recommended!

Stacy excels at writing stories that show people who could be your next-door neighbor—maybe relatives—maybe yourself!—dealing with real-life issues, and she always handles those issues with a generous amount of grace. ~ Picky Reader


In one way or another I was able to relate to each of {the characters}, and was inspired by their courage and bravery in the face of life’s immense and every day challenges. It was truly a page-turner which was hard to put down. ~ Colleen

There are certain books I just read based on author only and Stacy Monson has yet to disappoint.


Above all, {Stacy’s} stories are rooted in love of God and deep faith. They don’t always start that way; several of the characters have doubts and even claim to hate God because of their pasts, but through their trials and relationships and experiences, they come to depend on the Lord and trust Him implicitly. ~ Lillian


{Stacy’s} believable protagonists teeter on the brink of disaster but pursue scary faith choices that bring them to safety and qualify them to reach out and bring solid help to many others around them. I value her very visible heart in these books. ~ Delores


A perfect blend of Scripture and Christian Walk.

The Christian message in this novel fits so well – neither mechanical nor over-zealous – that, even though I believe the plot would also be successful without it, the novel would be less without it. Stacy does not attempt to portray ‘better’ people, but depicts, convincingly, how faith in God can help you to better understand and master Life. I’m not a church-goer, but I know quality and sincerity when I see it. Bravo! ~ Hungry Caterpillar


My recommendation is to purchase 2 copies – one for your library and one as a gift to a special friend to have in her library. That way you would have the gift of shared treasured memories. ~ B. Adams

I value Stacy Monson's very visible heart in these books.

Stacy has written the emotion in this book so expertly that I think it would be difficult not to get drawn in. Though we understand what the ending will be (because, this is, in fact, a romance) there is a point when you wonder if it is even possible for these two to repair the damage. ~ Kari


The author does not make life easy for her characters. She puts them through trial by fire, and she does it with grace, finesse, and tremendous talent. Well-developed characters. A riveting storyline. Writing that truly shines. And, of course, a satisfying conclusion that feels right, but comes only after a realistic, sometimes heartbreaking struggle, and a believable, touching journey. Very highly recommended! ~ DeelaDL

I'm not a church-goer, but I know whality and sincerity when I see it.

A challenging, uplifting reminder of what is truly important. More than an entertaining story, it brought me back to following God in a closer way. I read this to my mother, who loved it as much as I did. ~ Victoria


Some authors have their characters go to church a few times and call it a Christian book, but this one let you see the spiritual awakening and journey in the characters. I felt like I actually received something more than just a story. ~ Amazon Customer

Stacy Monson's light touch makes for a fun easy read.

This book became my devotional as I read and wept. I related to so much and received revelation about my own situation through the lives of these characters. I had to stop and pray so often it was a growing experience for me. ~ Marilady


It is so easy to put God aside and follow your own way, but thank you Lord that You will bring us back! Could not wait to find a good ending as the Bible tells us all works together for those who trust in the Lord! ~ Hester

Stacy Monon weaved together a story that is as complicated and simple as real life.

I read this book while I was on a mission trip. When people asked what I was reading, [Stacy’s book] gave me a perfect segway into sharing my faith and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus. ~ Brian


A perfect blend of Scripture and Christian walk, not preachy, but definitely inspirational. Stacy’s books make me want to meet her characters in person! ~ RGWilson53