Shattered Image

Chain of Lakes Series, book 1

Kiera Simmons is done with life in the spotlight. After a failed public relationship nearly landed her in jail, she forges a quiet life helping teens understand their eternal value and significance in a world run by the distorted messages of social media.

Peter Theisen is on the fast track to everything the celebrity life promises – fame, fortune and women. Every step of his meteoric rise in the world of pop music has been planned by his ambitious manager. Meeting Kiera complicates those plans and alters his focus.

Their sweet, unexpected romance is threatened by her past and his future, a life-changing diagnosis, and financial devastation. As they struggle to find their way back to each other, and to the One who matters most, the allure of wealth and fame may jeopardize everything.

[Stacy] does not make life easy for her characters. She puts them through trial by fire, and she does it with grace, finesse, and tremendous talent. Well-developed characters. A riveting storyline. Writing that truly shines. And, of course, a satisfying conclusion that feels right, but comes only after a realistic, sometimes heartbreaking struggle, and a believable, touching journey.

Shattered Image warms the heart and soul and won’t be easily forgotten. Very highly recommended.

~ DeelaDL

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God says Peter is a man of talent, potential, and heart. Set free from his need for fame, accolades, and celebrity, Peter can focus on music that celebrates and worships God.

God says Kiera is a woman of great inner beauty, carrying a message of hope for teens. Set free from the expectations of others, Kiera learns to be who she wants to be, imperfections and all.

WRITING AWARDS for Shattered Image

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner
Award of Excellence Inspirational Finalist
Nat’l Excellence in Romance Award Finalist
Nat’l Excellence in Romance Award Best First Book Finalist