Open Circle

Mindy Lee “Minnie” Carlson’s dream job has dropped into her hands, but there’s a catch. She has four months to revive Open Circle, the town’s only Senior Adult Day Center, or the doors will close, leaving her beloved seniors stranded, and eliminating the only job she’s ever wanted.

Globe-trotting photographer Jackson Young documents the forgotten people of the world, focusing on the poor and elderly. After decades on the road, he’s stunned to learn his beloved Grandma Em is still alive in the small town he’d had to leave decades earlier.

Overjoyed, Jackson races back to his hometown to reconnect with her, only to discover she’s been Minnie’s adopted grandma for the past twenty years. When Grandma Em has a stroke, his ideas about her care pit him against Minnie’s determination and expertise. For Grandma Em’s sake, and the future of Open Circle, they’ll need to do the impossible—find a way to work together.

This book became my devotional as I read and wept. I related to so much and received revelation about my own situation through the lives of these characters. I had to stop and pray so often it was a growing experience for me. God bless you and your team for an awesome job!

~ Marilady

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God says Jackson is loved, forgiven, and gifted to see the world differently. Set free from fear and failure, Jackson uses his gifts for God’s glory instead of his own.

God says Minnie is capable, smart, and loving. Set free from her need to control, Minnie learns to trust God for guidance and direction for her life, her seniors, and Em.