A Little About Me

Mike and Stacy1I’m all about faith, family, friends and fiction.

is about stepping into the unknowns of life, knowing that God has my back. I’m that toddler who launches headlong into trouble with eyes wide open, who acts first and thinks second. That toddler who needs a firm, encouraging hand to keep me from calamity (or just myself). “Thank God” is, I think, my life’s motto because I thank Him all the time!

Monson-162 Family and Friends…           
are what make life sweet – sweeter even than the chocolate I love! I have a wonderful husband, 2 fabulous kids and 2 amazing in-law kids, and 2.5 perfect grandchildren (#3 coming soon!).  🙂  I also have three siblings whom I’m close to and fantastic in-laws. Family just doesn’t get any better than what I’ve been blessed with.

Moms Weekend 2012 013And friends? Ladies I’ve known for more decades than I care to admit, and new writing friends who have been a surprise blessing in my life.

Inspirational Fiction…
is what I write – stories that reveal an Extraordinary God at work in ordinary lives. Stories about defeat and hope, pain and joy, friends and enemies. And always, the characters learn the truth about who they are in God’s eyes. My stories will make you laugh, cry, and believe that good will win (eventually), that there’s power in love, and strength in friendship.

I believe in happy endings because I believe in the power of God!

2 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. I love the concept of your blog but also want to hear more about you. You have lots of good things to say, insights on issues that connect to and amplify writing. Don’t be shy to appear here fairly often yourself. Also, I don’t know the details, but successful novelist Susan Meissner used to live in MN and her great book, Blue Heart Blessed, is set in Uptown. Can people who used to live here qualify?


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