Celebrating Labor Day

jesse-orrico-184803-unsplashThere are so many jobs out there – some are fascinating, some boring, some unique, others just basic jobs. The best part is we can find the job that fits our interests, our skills, and even our schedules and do our part to be productive people in the community.

I can’t sew, cook, decorate, or pound a straight nail. I don’t mind heights but I know I’m not called to be a roofer or construction worker on a skyscraper. I’ve had the fun of driving a bobcat but I wasn’t any good at it. I can sort ofchristopher-burns-360244-unsplash keep flowers alive in the garden, but it’s a good thing we don’t have a particularly long growing season or we’d see that I lose interest after a few months.

While I’ve done lots of jobs from ministry to administrative, cashiering to clothing sales, writing is the occupation that speaks to my heart. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, or I enjoy it all the time, or I make any money doing it (ha!); it’s just that it’s where I’m called to do my work in the world.

It taps into my skills, utilizes my love of words (no comments from the peanut gallery), and stretches me in so many ways. Actually, very often I have a love/hate relationship with writing. But since I do believe it’s what I’ve been called to do, I do it. It’s all I ever wanted to do, actually, and though I’m not Karen Kingsbury or Francine Rivers (but meeting Francine IS  at the top of my bucket list), I try to do the best I can with the skills I have. Writing is a labor of love, so I’ll celebrate it this coming weekend along with all the other amazing work people do to keep our neighborhoods, communities, and nation running.

Thank you for whatever you labor at day in and day out. Thank you for the sacrifices you undoubtedly make, and the difference you make (big and small). Now go celebrate!

Box_Set_Image_for_ EBook_MONSON_sept 26-1**SALE!**  In honor of Labor Day, I’ve put the whole Chain of Lakes series on sale (e-book only). All three full-length novels for only $2.99 (marked down from $4.99). Talk about years of labor to produce something I truly love.

Yup, that’s only a buck a book. You’ll get a peek behind the scenes of the celebrity life (Shattered Image), help build a ministry for kids off the street (Dance of Grace), and discover your unique value in a world that might tell you otherwise (The Color of Truth). There’s romance, tragedy, encouragement, and hope in every book.

Click HERE for your choice of online vendor to get your copy, and a copy for your friend, sister, mother, grandmother, neighbor, book club… Tip: Each of the books will spark great discussion in any book club setting.

The sale only lasts through Labor Day so don’t wait!





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