Smooth Sailing…aside from the turbulence

Last week I talked about my writing ship coming in (yay!) and ramming into the dock (boo). It was a bit of a shock when I found myself scrambling out of the way rather than standing at the railing waving down at my adoring fans.

wave-2968878_1920What I learned was that no one is going to hand me my dream. While the Captain provided the ship, and a ladder to climb aboard, I had to make a decision. Should I climb up and risk more rejection/ criticism/failure, or watch the ship set sail without me? I decided to hoist myself aboard. There have been days of smooth sailing as I pursue my dreams, and others when I’ve had to tighten the strap of my life jacket as more “constructive feedback” washed over me.

We all have dreams, big and small. Some involve planning, research, and plain hard work. Others are as “simple” as making it to Friday without getting fired. The thing is, we first need to recognize them, then we have to decide if they’re worth pursuing and if so, how.

For me, pursuing this writing dream has meant learning to trust the Captain. He put the dream in my heart, gave me the basic skills, and provided the ship. Then He left it up to me whether to ride out the occasional storm or jump ship when the waters got a bit rough.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve considered leaping overboard and swimmingcalifornia-1751455_1920 for safer, less demanding shores. But as I’ve dangled from the railing with one hand, tired of working so hard only to go backwards, the Captain has provided exactly what I needed. Through the encouraging words of a friend, a new class on paddling strategies, or a day of sunshine and smooth waters where I could rest and rejuvenate, I got the lifeline I needed.

Now, as I release my fourth book on June 21 (preorder HERE while it’s on sale!), I understand the journey a bit better. I know the ship may (and most probably will) take an unexpected route through turbulent seas. I may think I’ll be tossed overboard or lose my lunch when the waves get huge. But I also know there will be calm waters ahead if I just ride out the storm.

Psalm 46, God is our refuge and strength, help in times of trouble, earthquakes, mountains, oceans, waters surge

So I choose to keep my life jacket on, keep one hand on the railing, and trust my Captain. He has yet to fail me through the roughest seas. He will be faithful to get me to the next destination. I’m letting Him steer me through life as I pursue my dreams. I’m praying you will too.