A Pin, A Post & A Tweet: What’s the Difference?

There are some things I just don’t want to know.

(Un)fortunately, knowledge is power, and sometimes we just have to grit our teeth and journey into something unpleasant, like the mind-numbing world of Alzheimer’s.

Rather than sink under the weight of terrifying Alzheimer’s statistics (revisit yesterday’s Tuesday Truth post if you want the numbers), let’s place our hope in the God who is seated on the righteous throne of heaven. Above all, we find our strength in the One who already knows the battles we face.

I recently gifted a worship CD to my four year old granddaughter so she could sing uplifting songs in the car. Within 24 hours she had memorized the chorus to “Nothing Shakes the Hope.” I hope you find these words as inspiring as she and I do.

As long as you are God
Seated on the throne
We know all is well
It’s the anchor for our soul

As long as you are King
The one who reigns on high
We won’t give in to fear
We know who holds our lives

Let the water rise
Let the mountains crumble
Nothing shakes the hope we have in you
Let the sun burn out
Let the stars all tremble
Nothing shakes the hope we have, we have in you


Let these words sink into your soul, but don’t keep them to yourself. Pin, post or tweet these words right to the heart of a woman you hold dear. She’ll thank you. And I’ll thank you.

A Pin, A Post & A Tweet for What's the Difference_