Look up

It certainly seems the world is spinning out of control, doesn’t it? Floods, fires, and hurricanes are wiping out large areas of land; volunteers and rescue workers are beyond exhausted. The political landscape is more bizarre than ever, pitting friends and family against each other. News stations, competing for viewers, have given up reporting the news, opting instead to put their own spin on what’s happening. And people are afraid.

Makes me want to climb back into bed and pull the covers over my head for a year or ten. Even as an ardent follower of Jesus, I find myself wondering how things are going to play out, if the world will ever go back to what it was (the idealized version, anyway). Then He reminds me – we already know how it’s going to play out. We know! Oh, not the specifics like exactly how and when and where. But if we believe what the Bible says, the outcome has already been decided – no matter what madness surrounds us.

Instead of looking at Facebook, or at the news of one devastation after another (although we need to do what we can with what we have), or listening to radio stations or podcasts with leanings right/left/everywhere – LOOK UP. See the sun and moon and stars, and remember who’s in charge. See day turn into night and then back into day – and remember who’s in charge. You can face each day, and whatever comes with it, by looking up.

Lift your gaze from your mobile device and look around you. See the wonder of creation, the individuality of each face you pass at work, school, or the grocery store. (They’re afraid too, you know.) Pause to listen to the wind in the trees as one season fades into the next. Watch the instinctive migration of birds as winter approaches, the change of colors that displays the natural order of life. And remember who’s in charge.

We can’t stop the natural disasters happening across the globe, but we can stand firm on what we know, and be God’s hands and feet. So look up and engage in life. Smile at someone who may desperately need it. Offer help. Do a random act of kindness (or two or three) and don’t let them know it was you.

Look up and choose to do your part in making this crazy world just a little less so.

If we do it together, we all might be a little less afraid.

How are you coping with life at the moment?

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