What We All Need Right Now

chipmunk_islandI’m pretty sure no one has ever died from laughing too much. Working too much, probably. But definitely not laughing too much.

I love a good laugh. It’s almost as “catching” as yawning. There’s an FB post out there that illustrates that idea. One guy is laughing at something on his phone while on the subway. He keeps laughing – harder. People around him start smiling, then pretty soon they’re laughing too – all because a stranger is having a good laugh.

Maybe that’s what this country needs – one good, long laugh. Together. Not AT anyone, but just because laughter makes us feel good. And when we’re sharing a laugh with someone, it’s pretty dang impossible to be mad at them. Now to find a topic that doesn’t offend anyone…

I was looking through photos and came across the one above, and it made me laugh. Again. A few summers ago, our son was waiting for hubby and me to make our way up from the beach at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. While he was admiring the view, this little guy scurried over and posed for a photo op. What cracked us up even more was the “tiny” sailboat and “tiny” island in the background (which, of course, isn’t tiny at all). It looked like he was posing in front of his little kingdom. A ground squirrel with a kingdom. Too silly NOT to laugh.

giraffe by wonderopolis
photo credit: wonderopolis

I figure God has to have the best sense of humor ever. (At least, I hope He does or I’m toast.) He created the strangest-looking creatures (giraffes and manatees come to mind), photo bombing animals. I think He totally enjoys surprising us with the unexpected. I truly believe He delights in our delight. If we’re made in His image, and WE have a sense of humor – some more than others – then He must have one too, don’t you think?

Lately, the world hasn’t seemed all that funny. Everyone’s mad at everyone. They believe their “side” is right and everyone else is nuts/hateful/evil/wrong. The “news” stations seem determined to focus only on the negative stuff that’s happening (and there’s plenty). But we all know there’s goodness out there, people caring for others, neighbors helping neighbors. And people, even strangers, sharing a laugh.

So let’s focus on the funny side of life here in this moment. What makes you laugh? Who makes you laugh? Do you enjoy 3 Stooges kind of silliness, or straightforward comedy? Dry humor or flat out jokes? Do you laugh with your friends? Your family? Do your kids make you laugh? Your pet?

IMG_1115I’ll start. Silly, unexpected things like the squirrel-posing photo make me laugh, as do my grandkids. After 35 years, my hubby and I still make each other laugh. I don’t love slapstick humor, but thoroughly enjoy the unexpected (whether it’s a surprise ending to a joke, or a person’s reaction to something they didn’t expect). And this photo sent by a (nameless) friend cracked me up big time.

What makes YOU laugh?


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