What Color is Your Truth?

Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors rI’m SO excited to be releasing  Book 3 of the Chain of Lakes series – The Color of Truth – in just about a month! It’s been a long time coming.

Books 1 and 2 focus on authenticity and self-image, learning who God says we are versus who society says we should be. Book 3 follows that theme but tackles the big question of what truth is. How can we believe and accept who we are in God’s eyes when we’re blinded by untruths fed to us throughout daily life?

I’m 3rd of 4 in my family. Definitely the middle child since the first two are only 14 months apart. I was the quiet one growing up, never as loud or fast as the others. They were capable, I was afraid to try. I was the “sensitive” one, easily hurt, always hiding. I knew early on God loved me but couldn’t figure out why. I had nothing to offer like the others did.

It’s taken a lifetime for me to understand God doesn’t want anything from me except to love Him back. I can’t earn His love, certainly don’t deserve it. But neither does anyone else! That was a revelation that totally changed the color of my truth. I was loved because He wants a relationship with me, not because I’m quiet or loud, fast or slow, the one onstage or the one in the audience. Just because.

That’s when I felt like the young woman in the photo. Pure joy, basking in the truth. Do I walk around every day in the glow of this truth? Unfortunately not. Like everyone else, I let the world tell me if I’m successful, worthy, the right size/shape/color. But then God gently brings my focus back to Him and the glow returns.

My goal is to stay in the middle of that glow every minute of every day. Let’s just say I’m a work in progress!

As I celebrate the release of The Color of Truth, we’ll talk more about who we are in God’s eyes and how we go about living that truth in a world that sometimes seems upside down.

Looking forward to discovering the truth together!


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