Do You Live in a Cave?

mybookcave_footerSometimes I think that sounds like a lovely idea. Hidden away, a cheerful fire going in the center of my spacious cave (that someone else keeps going), shelves of books along the way, a cozy chair, and a book-you-can’t-put-down in hand. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? And just a bit unrealistic.  🙂

But wait! There really is a book cave – it’s just not one with a crackling fire and hand-dipped strawberries on hand. But it’s filled with books, with more being added daily. I’m delighted to be a featured author at My Book Cave from FebruaryShatteredImage Cover for poster 11-17. Shattered Image, book 1 of the Chain of Lakes Series, is on sale for only $.99!

Have you picked up a book that had great back cover copy only to find out they didn’t mention the high level of violence? Or you were looking for a real thriller but ended up with a cozy mystery? At My Book Cave, “readers choose their level of comfort, so they waste less time with books that don’t match their preferences, and they find greater satisfaction. Satisfied readers means happy readers—and that’s great for authors. Think of our content ratings like movie ratings, only a bit more detailed. Everybody wins!”

My Book Cave is a place to find free and discounted books, but it’s not like other places. In My Book Cave, YOU decide the genre and the content rating of the books you want. YOU pick the level of sex, violence, swearing and other content. Then, when you subscribe, My Book Cave will send daily emails about books that match YOUR choices!

Here’s the link to Shattered Image at My Book Cave. Please share it with friends, family, coworkers, your hairstylist, manicurist, and massage therapist (or any other therapist), neighbors, Facebook friends and acquaintances, your mail carrier, the librarian at your church…

I love discovering new readers and am thrilled when I hear they’ve enjoyed one of my books. And now we can celebrate a site where readers can find books that fit exactly what they enjoy reading. It’s definitely a win for everyone!

See you at My Book Cave!

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