Shattered Image ~ Stacy Monson

Shattered Image (Chain of Lakes #1)Shattered Image by Stacy Monson
Review by Kari Trumbo on The Editor’s Note

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure at first what to expect from Shattered Image. It isn’t a title you would normally think of with romance, but that doesn’t make it any less of one. Both Keira and Peter had different lime-lights.

Keira is running from an embarrassing investigation, her ex-boyfriend is charged with money laundering and her employer throws her under the bus to save face. Keira wants no part of the spotlight, or camera flash, anymore.

Peter has always thought of himself as a nerd, the one no one thought would ever make it. He’s got a lot to prove. When he meets a record producer (who happens to be a relative of Keira) it seems like he’s finally situated to make it big. He is rushing pell-mell to success and leaves Keira far behind.

This book was sweet and emotional, parts cut so deep I had to stop reading to collect myself. Stacy has written the emotion in this book so expertly that I think it would be difficult not to get drawn in. Though we understand what the ending will be (because, this is, in fact, a romance) there is a point when you wonder if it is even possible for these two to repair the damage.

**My thanks to Kari for her review. One of the best gifts you can give an author is to write a review. A few simple sentences, on whatever site you purchased the book, stating why you liked it is just the encouragement a solitary writer needs to continue spending hours writing that next book. And if you received the book as a gift, or purchased it at a launch party, you can still leave a review on Amazon. It’s a simple act that will make an author’s day!**

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