Don’t Miss These Upcoming Giveaways!

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house – CRAZINESS! EXCITEMENT! EXHAUSTION!

There are still 5 more days of giveaways but with the excitement and busyness of this week, I want to be sure you don’t miss them! While the first 7 days of giveaways are still running, THE NEXT 5 ARE ALSO UP AND RUNNING. Don’t miss out! The giveaways end at midnight on 12/25 so enter NOW!

Click on the author and head right to their giveaway for your chance to win fabulous books.

Day 8 (Dec. 21) – Stacy Monson & Emily Bates

Day 9 (Dec. 22) – Anna del C. Dye & Peggy Urry

Day 10 (Dec. 23) – Valerie Ipson & Cassie Sheils

Day 11 (Dec. 24) – Frances Hoelsema & Angela Carling

Day 12 (Dec. 25) – Marianne Sciucco & Tara Ellis

Two giveaways every day for 12 Days. That’s 24 authors giving away books and other cool stuff! And it’s almost over. Click HERE to see all 12 Days and enter all 24 Giveaways but do so before midnight on 12/25.

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