Giveaway Day #4 – Killarney Traynor & James Benedetto

It’s already Day 4 of the Twelve Giveaways of Christmas! Today’s featured authors are KJ Traynor (see below) and James Benedetto. As a reminder, I’ll feature one author here and provide the link to the other author’s site so you can participate in their giveaway as well. Two giveaways every day for 12 Days! See all of our authors HERE.

James Benedetto is giving away an autographed paperback of one of his books (winner’s choice) AND a USB flash drive loaded with his books! Woo hooo! Click HERE to enter.

Welcome to my guest blogger, KJ (Killarney) Traynor!

Click HERE to enter to win a signed copy of Necessary Evil.

Necessary EvilMy name is Madeleine Warwick and I’m a woman under siege.

Several years ago, a treasure hunting reality show resurrected the long-forgotten tale of Civil War treasure buried on my family’s property. Ever since, amateur treasure hunters have been trespassing, invading our land. When their negligence cost my uncle his life, I forged a letter to disprove the treasure’s existence. This stopped the hunters – but only for a time. Now they are coming back and, what’s worse, my secret has been discovered.

Arrogant Professor Gregory Randall knows about the forged letter, and he can ruin me with one phone call. But he won’t – as long I let him stay on the property to search for the treasure himself. It isn’t easy living in the same house as your blackmailer, and there’s more to Randall than meets the eye. He’s convinced there’s something to find, and I’m starting to think he might be right.

But even as we race to find the treasure first, the situation is becoming dangerous. Someone is determined to stop us: and they aren’t afraid to use violence to do so. I’m running out of ideas, options, and time, and what’s worse, my blackmailer is the only one I can rely on.

My first defense is the last man I can trust.

Enter HERE to win a signed copy of Necessary Evil.

About the author:
Killarney Traynor is a writer, singer, actor, and history buff who decided that she wanted to write books as soon as she was old enough to read them. A resident of New Hampshire, her novels reveal her love of local culture, history, and long summer days. When she isn’t writing, she can be found day-dreaming about faraway places, watching old movies, reading long books while drinking too much tea, working with a local film company, exploring local attractions, or getting lost in Boston.

Follow Killarney:

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