Giveaway Day #2 – Melanie Mason & Jason Zandri

It’s Day 2  of The Twelve Giveaways of Christmas and today’s featured authors are Melanie Mason (see below) and Jason Zandri. As a reminder, I’ll feature one author here and provide the link to the other author’s site so you can participate in their giveaway as well. Two giveaways every day for 12 Days!

Jason is giving away a copy of his book 10 Painfully Obvious Things People Forget Too Soon. Check out his blog and giveaway info here:


Welcome today’s guest blogger – Melanie Mason!

Melanie MasonHello there. My name is Melanie Mason.  I am an author, designer, and flight attendant all rolled into one. I graduated from Utah State University with a degree in communications.

I have been telling stories all my life and I find a deep passion in sharing the plots that spin through my head. I hope one day soon I will be working on an airplane and see someone reading on of my books. I’m pretty sure when that day comes I will scream with excitement and probably send my flight crew into a panic. 🙂

I live in Portland, OR- with my two dachshund chihuahua dogs and the rain – where the beauty of the Pacific Northwest feeds my imagination and the rainy winter evenings encourage me to curl up with hot chocolate and a good book. Or my laptop to write another good book.

My two published books are The Line That Divides, a WW2 historical fiction novel and The Ring of Remaliha. Check out my website for more information:

The book that I am offering on this the 2nd day of Giveaways is a signed copy of The Ring of Remaliha. Here’s a teaser:

When April Tanner unexpectedly receives an ancient Egyptian ring, she is thrust in the midst of a desperate plot to uncover a treasure that will change the world.

She travels to Egypt only to find herself dodging thieves, assassins, and rich debonair colleagues. Uncovering the secrets of the ring could lead to the treasure . . . or her own tomb.

I look forward to sending a copy to the lucky winner!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Click HERE to enter to win a copy of The Ring of Remaliha.


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