Social Media. So What?

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So we’ve talked a bit about social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I’m still left with the question – so what?

If you’re an author, what’s your take on how social media impacts book sales?

If you’re a writer, how does social media help you in your writing venture?

If you’re an editor, do you use social media to find new talent? Do you use social media to promote the books you’ve worked on?

As a professional, how do you use social media to promote your business/product? HaveFacebook you used it to find a job? Advertise a job opening?

As YOU, what is social media’s place in your life? Is it a time waster? Help you stay in touch with people?


This is such an ever-changing, confusing, interesting idea – sharing ourselves and our work in the online realm. Just as we get the hang of it, everything changes. Glad we’re on this journey together!


About Stacy Monson

Stacy is an award-winning author and freelance writer. Shattered Image and Dance of Grace, Books 1 and 2 of the Chain of Lakes Series, are available on Amazon in print and ebook formats. Book 3 will release Spring of 2017. Past president and founder of MN-NICE, the Minnesota ACFW chapter, she is now the Area Director for Minnesota.
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