I’m Drowning in Social Media!

WaterAs you may know, I’m not the most savvy social media person. Not even close. But hey – I’m learning, even though it occasionally makes my head hurt. Sometimes I just feel like I’m drowning. I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there. Blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, and a bazillion other things I’ve never heard of but am “supposed” to be on. I’m going to take this week and next to share what I’m “on” so far when it comes to social media , hoping you’ll join the discussion and share what YOU enjoy participating in and why it’s important to you.

Facebook – an obvious first choice. I know many people who can’t get through the day Facebookwithout numerous check-ins on FB. I’m not so sure I need to know someone’s every move, thought, idea or meal, but that’s just me. It’s fun to see photos, hear news, celebrate birthdays and big events. It’s good to know when someone needs prayer or help. I’m on FB several times a week, but I’ve been told I need to have a solid, consistent presence. What I’m not sure about is the why behind that idea.

Questions for you: What purpose does Facebook serve in your life? Have you used it to further your career? What are some creative things you’ve done or run across on Facebook?

TwitterTwitter – Okay, I’ll admit it out loud. Twitter scares me. I don’t get it. While I’m crafting a tweet, there will be 15 new tweets. Before I hit Send on my tweet, 20 more pop up. I start getting a little twitchy at that point. I’m supposed to read all of them???

Questions for you:  How do you use Twitter? And why do you use Twitter?? How often do you tweet? What do you tweet about? Suggestions for me?

Pinterest – I’m sorta into Pinterest. I’ve seen lots of people who are REALLY into Pinterest.Pinterest I think it’s kind of a cool idea, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I pin things and I see what other people pin but…I’m not sure what else there is to it other than pinning, repinning, and looking at other people’s pins.

Questions for you:  Why do you use Pinterest? How do you use it? Does it serve a purpose other than sharing your interests and seeing what other people are interested in?

question markThanks for your ideas, comments and suggestions. I’m trying to understand all this stuff – what it is, why I need it, what it’s good for. Hearing how it works (or doesn’t work) for you will help all of us as we continue treading water in the ocean of social media.

Next week I want to talk about websites, Goodreads, blogging, and what else is out there that you enjoy.


About Stacy Monson

Stacy is an award-winning author and freelance writer. Shattered Image and Dance of Grace, Books 1 and 2 of the Chain of Lakes Series, are available on Amazon in print and ebook formats. Book 3 will release Spring of 2017. Past president and founder of MN-NICE, the Minnesota ACFW chapter, she is now the Area Director for Minnesota.
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9 Responses to I’m Drowning in Social Media!

  1. Lilian Druve says:

    Interesting aspects!


  2. janellwoj says:

    Girlfriend, I always knew we were separated at birth, so we’ll go under together. I use Facebook as a way to keep up with family and friends and am very careful about who I “friend.” I like family updates, prayer requests, announcements, photos, messaging, chats and inspiration. I post when I feel I have something to contribute, which can be twice a day, or twice a week. I don’t tell people when I go to bed at night or take the car for an oil change. I like posts that create conversation. I rarely use it for professional endeavors and try to moderate political and religious postings. Your comments on Twitter hit the nail on my head. I can’t keep up with the 51 followers I have. A mere 26 follow me and I have no idea how to gain more. I’ve received Twitter follow requests from entities so far removed from my persona that it’s laughable. For example, a man who “specializes in helping people sell, find, buy & install new & used pallet racks, conveyors, warehouse racks & material handling equipment.” Huh? And how can someone following 17,000 get ANY work done, let along read all the tweets? I used to try to post once a day, but have fallen to once a week, if that. I feel that Twitter is purely a marketing tool. (I have nothing to market.) Why else would someone have 400,000 followers, follow 58 and send out 8,000 tweets? I have no interest in Pinterest and barely know what it is. I have Facebook friends on Pinterest who pin onto their FB pages so it sounds a little redundant. I’m on LinkedIn, which has served its purpose in job search or career advancement. I have 133 connections, which I think is great, until I compare it to others that have over 1,000. I don’t communicate with most unless I need their expertise or reference, which makes me feel like I’m using them to advance my career. I rarely hear from a connection. The whole endorsement concept escapes me, especially when people endorse me for something I don’t do very well. The email discussion forums I got from the groups overwhelmed me and I have unsubscribed from most. As a result of my limited social media interaction I have “gone under” and worry that it has doomed me to obscurity personally and professionally. Can I catch up? At this point I have nothing much to offer. And with that, I leave you with a look at the social media ocean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites


  3. Good questions, Stacy. I’ll be interested to see how everyone answers.

    I’ve found Facebook to be interesting. I’ve loved re-connecting with old friends and keeping up with their families, but I’m seeing fewer and fewer of those friends actively using Facebook. Is FB something we want to invest time in if it’s losing popularity? Or perhaps that’s only my experience.

    I have a Pinterest account, but I’m still figuring out how I want to use it.

    And, like you, Twitter scares me. I don’t get it–it looks like a major time drain with a bunch of useless information passed on. For me to sign on, someone has to do a pretty good marketing job to convince me it’s worth my time.

    And then there’s blogging …


  4. I’m involved in these three aspects of social media (plus I’m trying to figure out Tumblr but it is beyond me at this point). I actually really like Twitter. It is so instant and if you use hashtags you can sort things out by your interests. You can make lists and keep your finger on the pulse of a conversation since some people post consistently about certain topics. .

    I got a little burnt out on Facebook because it seemed like people were using it to crab about their pet peeves.

    Pinterest is my lazy-woman’s websurfing. I browse through what other people have pinned — maybe not what is intended but it works for me. I can also pin my own blog posts to the category that fits them best.

    In a lot of ways each of these venues serve as spokes to connect with other people, along the same lines of being accessible to readers (which for me just means my friends since I have no readers…yet!). Overall, I’m a big fan of only using those forms that resonate with you. If you have to work at it too hard, it takes the fun out of it. P.S. In my humble opinion you’re doing just fine!


  5. Ann Guyer says:

    Thanks for starting this conversation, Stacy. It’s nice to know that others are having similar questions and confusions.


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