It Takes a Village

Road Winding Through TetonsWhile writing is a solitary venture, it’s not something to be done alone. Writing is not easy. Sometimes it’s not even fun. But still we write – because we have to. Because we have something to say, a story to tell, experience to share, and we want to do it well.

Some people think it can’t be all that hard to write a book. Just sit down and write. Right? Well, technically I suppose one could do that, but odds are it won’t be very good. (see first paragraph)

It may be cliche, but it truly does take a village to write a book. For these next fewA+ Mondays, I’ll share some thoughts about who we need in our village to get that book completed – people who can teach us about writing, help us get it written, critique it, edit it, sell it and market it.

There are tons of great sites and blogs out there that go into wonderful details about the writing craft. I’ll include links in my upcoming posts. Here, on Monday mornings, I’ll be talking more about the big picture and who should be in your corner to help you get your book written, polished and published.

Here are a few of the people in my village:

Mike and StacyMike (my husband), and Camry/Nate and Aaron (my kids) – support is essential because this is a looooong process

Sharon, my editor and friend – a woman of deep faith with a big heart who points out the error of my ways without stomping on my spirit

My critique partners – Barb, Zenith, Ann and Sharon R, Brenda, Suzie and Narelle, and the Open Door Fiction Writers (among others) who lift me up and cheer me on

MN-NICE – a local group of writers (published and pre-published) who learn together, hold each other accountable, and celebrate and commiserate together along the journey

ACFW – a national organization created and run by published and aspiring authors, and industry professionals to support the writing, publishing and marketing of inspirational fiction

In the coming weeks, you’ll meet these people and organizations on a more personal level – how they’ve helped me on my journey, and why finding people like them are essential to you on your journey.

Town in EnglandReady? Let’s start building your village!

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