Minnesota Symbols

Every state has unique characteristics, folklore, nuances and just plain quirks.  Minnesota’s, however, are the most interesting (but then, I might be prejudiced).  Here are a few official Minnesota symbols that set us apart. Can you name them?

The Official Minnesota State…
A.    Photograph
B.    Soupquestion mark
C.    Bird
D.    Reptile
E.    Fish
F.    Muffin
G.    Flower
H.    Drink
I.     Sport
J.     Fruit

And the answers are…Daily Bread Man Praying

A.  Grace  (1918, by Eric Enstrom)

photo by Kristin Maling
photo by Kristin Maling

B.  Wild Rice

C.  Loon

D.  Blanding’s Turtle (proposed)

E.  Walleye

photo by minato
photo by minato

F.  Blueberry

G.  Lady’s SlipperBoysofWinter-Hockey

H.  Milk

I.   Ice Hockey

J.  HoneHoneycrisp-Appleycrisp Apple

And there’s so much more! (but that’s for another post) Do you know the state tree,  amphibian or the state beer? How about the folk dance (yes, we have a state folk dance) or the insect? How about the state amusement ride? (hint: it was in an earlier post)

photo by msfsmpb
photo by msfsmpb

Ya gotta love Minnesota – it’s one quirky place (think Lake Woebegone) but it’s a great place. After all, what other state would claim to have a state pipe band? (Minnesota State Fire Service Memorial Pipe Band)

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